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With Open Mic+ for Google Now, access all the commands from anywhere on your phone, while driving, or while away from your phone! Simply say "Okay Google", wave your hand, or shake your phone. Screen on, screen off Google Now will be ready to listen.

Google Now Just Got Better

Google Now becomes more conversational and accessible. Get the answers to your questions while your hands are tied, or in the car.


Open Mic+ will run in the background and can be configured to start at boot so that it truly becomes part of the phone.


Open Mic+ uses offline voice recognition which means less data usage and faster results.

Tomorrow's Features Today

Everybody's talking about the Moto X's Touchless Controls, but now any phone that is running Jelly Bean or higher can have the same experience.

Tasker Integration

Truly automate your device by combining the endless command list of Tasker with the ease of access of Open Mic!

Customize Your Hotphrase

With Open Mic+ you aren’t limited to “Okay Google”. Live out your sci-fi fantasies, support your favorite team, or just have fun.

Developer: Ryan Senanayake

Ryan Senanayake initially developed Open Mic+ when he was 15 years old. As a Senior at Lakeside Upper School, Ryan also enjoys Lacrosse, Chess, and SCUBA Diving. Check out Ryan's other projects at www.RSenApps.com


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